Welcome to the Tribe!

With over 20 years in the health & fitness industry from Personal Trainer to Health Club Owner and from everyday sports person to junior & senior sporting coach we have seen it all from one side of the “counter”. As “door knocking” sports nutrition sales rep to a National Sales Manager and Business Development Manger for a large sports supplement wholesaler we have also seen what happens behind closed doors.

As we set out on our journey we thank those that have travelled before us and respect the paths they have forged but, it is now time to take the industry back to where it was meant to be.

The Active People Network will build a Tribe of People who strive every day to improve themselves in some way. This could be physically, mentally or spiritually.

The Physical is about making daily improvements to your health & wellness...

The Mental will be talking about activities that can improve your cognitive function or it could be reaching out just to help those in need of a friendly chat...

The Spiritual side will depend on how you perceive this area. It may be religion if that is what you equate “Spiritual” too. It could be how you are ‘Tuned In” to the Universe or it could just be helping you find a way to improve your total out look on life through health & fitness.

What ever you want to improve in life, we will endeavour to deliver something that helps you reach your goals…

We will use our connections to bring quality products to market and do everything we can to allow those products to be supplied to the everyday “Active Person” at a realistic price based on “getting what you paid for” and most importantly being supplied “what you need” as opposed to what gives the best margins to the seller..

“Non Ducor, Duco” (“I am Not Led, I Lead”)

The Active People Network...Welcome to the Tribe!