Privacy Policy

The Yorath Family Trust Trading as Active People Network is committed to a firm privacy policy and this is why we have created the following privacy statement. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

Who are Active People Network??

Active People Network is an Australian based company operating from the Gold Coast in Australia. We operate via 4 x websites and each site specialise in an area of  health and fitness, including but not limited to the retail supply of sports supplements, apparel and accessories plus the wholesale distribution of the same. We also offer a “Blog” service which offers tips that may help you in your attempt to be more active. These are general tips and are not meant to diagnose and ailments, work as rehabilitation  or be represented as professional advice for any specific area that you as an individual or you as a “coach” are working on. For more information, please click on the "About Us" link in the footer of our website.

Do we comply with privacy laws? 

Active People Network complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which includes the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), and where applicable State or Territory legislation relating to health information.  The principles set out in this policy, (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Active People Network Privacy Policy’) will apply to any personal information collected by Active People Network and the associated companies of The Yorath Family Trust..

What is the purpose of collecting the information and what kind of information do we collect?

Active People Network collects personal information which may include sensitive information.

‘Personal information’ means information or opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

‘Sensitive information’ is personal information and includes information about an individual’s health or genetics, racial or ethnic origin, political opinion or membership, religion, philosophical beliefs, union membership, sexual preference and criminal record.

Examples of the types of personal information we collect include names, addresses, ip address, other contact details such as email address, financial details such as a credit card number, transaction history and products and service preferences.

The above information is collected so as to enable us to fulfil our responsibilities as a retailer of health and fitness products, and to tailor our products and services to best meet the needs of our customers. We also use this information to market to our customers.

How is your personal information collected?

Depending on how you use our services your personal information can be collected in different ways.

We will collect this information directly from you. For example, we may collect personal information about you when you deal with us over the telephone, place an order with us, sign up to our newsletter, visit our web site, you have contact with us in person or any other mode of communication.

How is your your personal information used and disclosed by us?

We use and disclose personal information:

for the purpose of dealing with your request, enquiry or otherwise providing you with product and services

  • to market our services, including through subscription services
  • to assess job applicants

The information obtained is strictly used in connection with business performed by Active People Network and the personal marketing and advertising efforts conducted.

We will not give or sell personal information to any third party.

Cookies, which are small pieces of information that are stored by the web browser on a computer hard drive, help us identify repeat visitors, how you have found us, items added to shopping carts etc. Should you wish to reject cookies, please check with your browser guidelines. Cookies helps us determine how to bring to you a better service.

Our site uses a sign-up form for customers to request information, products, and services. We collect visitors contact information (like their email address). Contact information from the sign-up form is used to send orders to our customers. The customers contact information is used to get in touch with the visitor when necessary. Users may opt-out of receiving future mailings.

We also operate a newsletter that visitors can sign up to, with or without an account on Active People Network.

Our newsletter may contain general health and fitness information, tips, articles, reviews, promotional material and general Active People Network updates. This information is for general reading and updates and is in no way a professional opinion based around each individuals current circumstances. Any activity, diet change or any other change the reader wishes to undertake based on the content of the newsletter should be done so by he individuals own free will and when needed, under the guidance of a professional medical practitioner. The visitors email address will only be used in conjunction with our newsletter.

Users may opt-out of our newsletter at any time by clicking on a link at the bottom of the email.

How to assess and/or correct personal information?

At anytime you may request access to personal information we hold about you and you may request corrections be made to that information. You can do so by contacting us directly, or by logging into "My Account" if you have an active account with us.


In the course of using our website, you may provide us with personal information.    We take all reasonable steps to ensure its security within our own system.

Direct Marketing

We may also use personal information for direct marketing purposes, namely to send you details of other products and services that we supply and that may be of interest to you.  We will not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes outside of the services Active People Network offer. unless you have provided express consent or your consent can reasonably be implied from the circumstances in which we collected the information. If we send you marketing material we will ensure you can ‘opt out’ of receiving any future marketing material. In relation to direct marketing via electronic means, such as email, we comply with the Spam Act 2003 and in relation to telephone marketing we comply with the Do Not Call Register Act 2006.

At any time, if you no longer wish to receive this additional marketing material let us know, and your details will be removed from the marketing database.

Unsubscribing from our Newsletter

If you do not wish to receive emails from us and wish to be removed from our electronic mailing list, please email us at the address given below with "Email Unsubscribe" in the subject heading.

Sending personal information overseas

Your data can only accessed by direct employees of Active People Network who have been given access to the back office of our website and the website developers.

Contacting us

If you wish to access your personal information held by us, request a correction be made to your personal information or make a complaint about how we have handled your personal information, please contact:

By telephone: 0417012293


By writing: P.O.Box 294, Paradise Point, Qld, 4216

Privacy Complaint Handling Procedure

This Privacy Complaint Handling Procedure sets out the process we will undertake to deal with complaints regarding breaches of Australian privacy law including under the Privacy Act and State and Territory legislation relating to health information.

Any complaints should be made in writing to Active People Network at P.O.Box 294, Paradise Point, Qld, 4216 or by email at

We will resolve all privacy complaints through this procedure:

Step 1: A privacy complaint is received (Complaint)

Step 2: Within (5) business days following receipt of the Complaint, Active People Network will send a communication via post, fax or email to the person whom made the complaint (Complainant) acknowledging receipt of the Complaint.

Step 3: Following the acknowledgment of receipt of the Complaint (as outlined in Step 2), an Active People Network investigator will notify the Complainant via post, fax or email, that they have been assigned to investigate the Complaint and commence the investigation.

Step 4: The investigator will conduct an investigation of the Complaint. During this process, the investigator may request further information from the Complainant.

Step 5: Within thirty (30) business days from the date all information is received, the Investigator will contact the Complainant, via post, fax or email, notifying the Complainant of proposed avenues of resolution. The Complainant and the investigator may work together to collaboratively resolve the Complaint to the Complainant’s satisfaction. Active People Network will notify the individual if additional time is needed to respond due to the complexity of the inquiry.

Step 6: If the Complaint cannot be resolved by the Complainant and the Investigator in accordance with Step 5, then the Investigator will notify the Privacy Officer (Notification) who will then take steps to resolve the matter.

Step 7: Following receipt of all requested information, the Privacy Officer will contact the Complainant via post, fax or email, and propose an avenue(s) of resolution.

Step 8: If the Complainant agrees to the proposed avenue(s) of resolution, the Complainant and the Privacy Officer will work together to close the matter.

Step 9: In circumstances where resolution cannot be achieved in accordance with Steps 1 to 8, the Privacy officer will advise the complainant that they may direct their Complaint to the Federal Privacy Commissioner or take independent advice as to their rights.

The Complainant may contact the Federal Privacy Commissioner as follows:

By telephone: 1300 363 992

By writing: Director of Complaints, Office of Federal Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 1042