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Genius Brand Diet Pills (50 Serve, Veggie Capsules)

Proven to Manage Appetite & Reduce Compulsive Snacking*

THE NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS WONDER REALIZED – Science does the talking for us and by featuring a non-proprietary, transparent dose of SATIEREAL Saffron, you can expect to see the same results as the clinical studies.*

CHOOSE FIT OVER FAT – This is for safe weight loss and serves as a powerful complement in diets designed for helping those who want to lose some pounds, one or two sizes, or simply adopt healthier and wiser food practices.*

MENTAL COMFORT & MOOD ENHANCEMENT – This isn’t a “cycle” but rather a long-term daily approach to wellness.*

CAFFEINE FREE – PROVEN EFFICIENCY – Genius Diet Pills work through decreasing appetite & food cravings. Multiple clinical studies have validated it’s effectiveness.*

LONG TERM APPROACH TO WEIGHT LOSS – Dosed in order to build its effect steadily over the time. Effects often appear after some days (between 4 and 7) and last at least several weeks.*

CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS – Several recent clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Satiereal. Appetite decreased 32% more than the placebo group. Sugar cravings were also significantly reduced. During the first randomized double-blind vs. placebo clinical pilot study, 87.5% of the women reported a decrease of their hunger levels, food intake, and meal duration.


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