Vital Edition Gainer XS

Vital Edition Gainer XS




Ronnie Coleman Vital Edition Gainer XS (4.5kg)

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Gainer XS is designed to help those ‘hard gainers’ get the calories and nutrients required to put on that size and build the muscle they have been struggling for their whole life. Gainer XS provides over 1,000 calories from 50 grams of high quality protein, 208 grams of carbs with only 6 grams of fat. Combine these stats with our premium flavor system and get the perfect mass gaining shake that is smooth and you will actually like drinking!

High Protein – Gainer XS packs 60G of protein so you can be sure that your muscles have enough building blocks to grow and recover

High Calorie – Gaining size and weight also requires a surplus of calories which Gainer XS brings to the table with over 1,000 high quality calories

Lean Gains – Size is the goal but fat isn’t which is why a full serving of Gainer XS only has 25G of sugar and 7G of fat

Flavour System – A weight gainer is useless if you have trouble choking it down.  Gainer XS uses our most premium flavor and consistency system so that each shake is a treat as well as easy to take down

*Nutrition Information based on Vanilla Ice Cream 4.5kg

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Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Shake, Vanilla Ice Cream


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